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  • How Much Will the Next War Cost Us?

    With their fingers on the triggers, the Secretary of Defense and others in our government are poised to strike Syria and commit fighting troops to that country, even at a time when the soldiers in Afg

  • Detroit – Demise or Rebirth?

    Will the largest city in history to file bankruptcy receive a Death Certificate, or will this action result in a new Birth Certificate for the Motor City?  Of course, a city as large and as well situa

  • Social Media Pitfalls To Avoid
    I recently attended the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention in Denver, CO. Prior to the conference, I took note of how the USHCC was taking advantage of social media to prom
  • Poorer Consumers Feared Negatively Impacted by ‘Net Neutrality’ Ruling

    A federal court ruling on Jan. 14 striking down “net neutrality” could forever change consumers’ access to the full Internet experience, observers say.

    Web surfers could find themselves having to pay t

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