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  • An Economics Lesson on the Deficit and Debt

    When it comes to gaining true freedom, the words and actions of our most revered Black authentic leaders emphasized economic empowerment.  Unfortunately, many of those who spoke the truth and tried to

  • How Much Will the Next War Cost Us?

    With their fingers on the triggers, the Secretary of Defense and others in our government are poised to strike Syria and commit fighting troops to that country, even at a time when the soldiers in Afg

  • Its Tax Season: Need help with your refund?

    The question of the tax season is: How do I increase my refund for tax year 2009? The answer? Based on the myriad of tax law changes, it is highly likely that you will get a bigger refund this year. T

  • Simple Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

    Lenders and employers use credit scores to measure applicants and potential hires. Unfortunately, many of us are measured and found lacking (30 million to be exact). A low credit score is a smear on a

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