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Kwesi sits down with Governor David Paterson

I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down with the former Governor of New York State the Honorable David Paterson on February 28th 2012.  Governor Paterson was unfairly maligned in the mainstream media during his term in office.  I know this as fact because I did the research and proved it with my article “How the media manipulates our minds: David Paterson Case Study” published October 18th 2009.  

For this article I examined every front page from the New York Post from the first day he was appointed, on March 17th 2008, to September 31st 2009.  I identified 33 cover stories that related to Governor Paterson.  Of the 33 stories, only two of them were semi-positive.  I am someone who pays attention to policy and Governor Paterson had a number of successes – it is just sad he was the wrong color for the job.  One of Governor Paterson’s achievements was highlighted in the NY Times article “NY Budget Deal Cuts Aid to Schools and Health Care” published March 27th 2011

"Mr. Cuomo succeeded in part by aggressively wielding a tool pioneered by his much-maligned predecessor, Gov. David A. Paterson: He threatened that if lawmakers missed the budget deadline, he would put his preferred cuts into an emergency spending measure, forcing them to vote for his budget or risk shutting down state government. That pressure helped drive lawmakers to the table in recent days, because refusing a deal with Mr. Cuomo would have meant giving up what scant restorations the Legislature had been able to wring from him"

Time tells all tales and I hope that this interview will help to set the record straight for a brilliant African American legislator and leader.