Digital Marketing Starter Kit

Digital Marketing Starter Kit: Building Smarter websites

The Digital Marketing Starter Kit ™ is designed to help organizations and businesses maximize the return on their investments by effectively utilizing web and mobile technology.  The Internet thrives on connections, and businesses need to have an integrated communications and digital strategy that touches consumers at multiple points.  Social media and HTML emails are powerful ways to communicate messaging. The technology enables us to measure the impact that email and social media have on an organization’s website and provide opportunities to improve or optimize all marketing efforts and ultimately maximize revenue.   

Website Strategy and Development

• Mobile Friendly Content Management System with Joomla

• Template Implementation and Customization

• Media Manager, Banner Management, and Front end Editing

Social Media 

• Networks will be selected based on specific business model

• Custom strategy developed for each social media network selected

• Social Media Networks integrated into the website


• Implementation of Google Analytics tracking code

• Configuration of Google Analytics reports

• Customer training to make the data actionable 


• Development of a CRM Strategy

• Development of HTML E-Mail with tracking codes implemented

• Distribution of E-Mail