Digital Strategy

Why Digital Strategy? 

 Marketing has evolved from the age of approximation to the age of measurement.  If it is not measured it does not matter.  Digital Marketing is a 360 Degree process of planning, experimenting, analyzing and learning.  All of this is done through the data.  What sets us apart is we are going to do the math you don't want to deal with.  We don't guess with creative, we look at the numbers to direct the creative.  We have a simple three step process, that can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization.  

Digital Strategy: Simple Three Step Process

1) Data Capture Assessment

 If you aren't capturing the correct data, you won't be able to develop an effective strategy.  We analyze your business objectives and map the appropriate data to be captured.  The assessment will give a detailed perspective of  an organizations Data Readiness.  Once the proper data is captured, the next phase of data driven decision making can begin.  

 2) Marketing Channel Optimization 

This is the first step towards organizational data driven decision making. We will provide weekly, and or monthly reporting on the performance of your various marking channels. Data capture is essential for this step, because without the data we would not be able to optimize these marketing analysis. Standard Marketing Channels are Social Media, E-Mail, Search Paid & Organic, Print, Television, Radio and various viral promotional events.   Advancements in technology have facilitated the measurement of all of these activities.  Once measured they can be optimized.  

3) Conversion Space Maximization 

Data Capture is an art, that leads to conversion space maximization.  New advancements in java-script technology enable the measurement of anything on a website or mobile application.   This enables marketers to measure the click through stream from advertisement to sale.  If a company runs a TV ad promoting a product  on a website, the click stream can be measured all the way through to the final sale.  A conversion can also be a sign up, or event attendance, anything that can be measured can be maximized.   

The conversion space is the digital property, or offline store or event that you are promoting.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are corporations that profit of your interaction - they are not digital properties that an organization owns.  They marketing channels that need to be optimized.  If you do not have a conversion space we can develop one for you.  Weekly, Monthly reporting can will be provided, and for day to day analysis of the data training is available.  

The Simple Three Step Process