Marketing Channel Optimization

black facebook digital strategyNow that the data is being accurately captured we can focus on analyzing how this data is flowing through your selected marketing channels. 

Accurate data allows us to analyze the results of the various marketing channels employed by your organization versus the amount of investment made in these channels.  Investing both financial and emotional energy into a poorly performing channel is a good way to through money away.  

Accurate data enables us to accurately assess the optimal Return On Investment or ROI per marketing channel.  

Custom Reporting will be developed showing the performance of the various channels across specific KPIs and Conversion Metrics.    

blackballot digital stratery roiInsights into what drives success and failure is facilitated by having the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators when properly defined and connected to the objectives and goals of the organization. Similar to  seeing speed, mileage and remaining gas on a the dashboard of a car, our reporting will ebable you to quickly get a pulse as to what is 

happening with each of your channels.  

The reports will be presented via a weekly or monthly results call, depending upon customer demand.  We will provide a thorough analysis of the data; focusing on insights and recommendations to ensure that the defined goals and objectives are met.  

This process involves a lot of MATH that we will handle for you.

It is through this process that we are able to maximize your conversions.  Conversions are what you are directing your consumer towards whether it is an online purchase or donation; voting for a particular candidate or attending an event.