Conversion Space Maximization

conversion maximization

A conversion is the final step in our predefined goals.  Examples of this are an online purchase or donation; voting for a particular candidate; attending an event.

Tracking anything online is easy.  Advancements in JavaScript technology have made it possible to track anything online.  Once it is your owned web property, capturing the data is a simple matter of properly applying the  technology. 

However tracking offline is not easy.  Offline conversions such as attending an event or making an in store purchase don’t necessarily have connectivity within the data to tell the entire story.  Fortunately offline conversions can be connected to the online experience with proper planning.  We can see how social media is influencing both online and offline conversions – but you have to properly plan.  

Proper planning, accurate data and optimal ROI for each of our marketing channels, allows us to focus in on maximizing our conversions via the data.  Custom Reporting will be developed showing the 

performance of all conversion funnels and most importantly exactly what is driving or not driving these conversions.    

The reports will be presented via a weekly or monthly results call, depending upon customer demand.  We will provide a thorough analysis of the data; focusing on insights and recommendations to ensure that the defined goals and objectives are met.

Conversion reporting is where the art meets math and evolves into something we call Data Science.  It is through this process that we are able to maximize your conversions.  Whether it is an online purchase or donation; voting for a particular candidate or attending an event – Data Driven Decision Making is the only way to remain relevant in a competitive global market place.