Political Branding


A brand is an identity, it represents how and individual or organization is viewed in the market place.  Iconic brands make it into the lexicon of society, band aid is a brand.  A brand defines who, what and 

most importantly reputation and trustworthiness.  Most politicians and organizations don't think this process through.  We are experts in Black culture, and Black culture is the major driving force in American pop culture.

Does your Brand connect properly with the Black community?

Which aspect of the Black community are you trying to market to?  We aren't monolithic.  

Black culture is often utilized and abused however when marketers get it right the rewards are there. Black people are the largest racial minority group in America, with a population of close to 43 million.  The collective buying power of Black America is estimated at 1.1 trillion dollars.  If Black America were a country it would be have the 16th largest GDP in the world.  That is larger than Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Sweden and twice that of Nigeria's.   

How do we help your brand connect with the Black Community?  

With the data.  Java-script enable the measurement of the entire consumer life-cycle, and we use our digital expertise to track, analyze, measure and improve your brand.  Brand improvement is now driven through data - Facebook likes are an example of this.  

  1. Media Mining & Monitoring
  2. CRM - Constituent Relationship Management 
  3. Hash Tag Marketing Strategies 

Reporting will be provided on bi-weekly basis via conference call.