Hash Tag Marketing Strategies

Are you using #hashtags?

Do you know what they are? A #hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound or hash sign ‘ #’, which are used to identify with a particular topic and/or conversation on Facebook, Twitter and other various social media sites.    

Do you have a development and or measurement strategy behind your branded or campaign #hashtags?

Companies utilize hash tags to sell their products and services

                #NationalFriedChickenDay – KFC

                #TweetFromTheSeat – Charmin

                #CastMeMarc – Marc Jacobs

The President to get elected and promote health Care

                #yeswecan   – 2008 Obama Campaign 

    #getcovered – Obamacare Marketing Initiative  

#Hashtags have become one of the most powerful vehicles for social change seen in modern day history.  #Blacklivesmatter – is a perfect example of this.  What began as a simple #hashtag has morphed into a powerful organization, and more importantly social movement that will redefine race relations in America. 

However the most powerful aspect of #hashtags is that they are measurable.

#Hashtags enables an organization or individual to truly measure the extent of their influence.