Data Strategy

Why Data Strategy?

The world, and specifically business, has evolved to the age of measurement.  To be competitive, you need data.  What is not measured, does not matter.  Decision making is a continual process of planning, experimenting, analyzing and learning.  This process is data driven.  

What sets BlackBallot apart is that we provide comprehensive services centered around gathering, storing and optimizing data.  Our data driven approach directs the creative process.   Additionally, our process can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization.  

Data Strategy: Simple Three Step Process

1) Data Capture Assessment

If you aren't capturing the correct data, you won't be able to develop an effective strategy.  Data capture is an art, that powers decision making.  Are you looking at the right sources?  Are you utilizing a Web Analytics tool?  Are you tracking your social media data?  Does IOT make sense for your organization?  We analyze your business objectives and map the appropriate data to be captured.  The assessment will give a detailed perspective of  an organizations Data Readiness.  Once the proper data is captured, the next phase of data driven decision making can begin.    

2) Data Storage Assessment

How much data do you have?  How do you need to access the data?  What are the sources and outputs for your data?  These are all critical questions.  Are you at the Big Data level is Hadoop a platform that makes sense, or do you just need to utilize a traditional relational database as MySQL?  Does it make sense to consider Software Defined Storage (SDN)?  Once you capture your data you will need to store it someplace and we can help you figure that out. 

3) Data Optimization 

The first step is to align the data captured to specific business outcomes.  Once these outcomes are defined then KPIs need to be developed/selected which will be utilized to measure progress against business outcomes.  Web Analytic tools such as Google and Adobe provide robust reporting platforms.  However, this data may need to be integrated via tools such as Excel and or Tableau to provide coherent aggregation of data.  Finally, through our partnerships with KeyStats we offer Advanced Analytic services such as Predictive Analytics and Behavioral Segmentation. 

(1)    Reporting that Numerically Measure progress towards business objectives

(2)    Marketing insights via Google Analytics and or Adobe Analytics

(3)    Measurement of Social Media Network Performance

     (4)    Advanced Analytics Services such as Predictive Analytic and Behavioral Segmentation