Consumer Relationship Management

CRM – Consumer Relationship Management is how an organization or individual relates to their established constituents, consumers or customers. 

CRM refers to the practices, strategies and technologies utilized to manage and analyze customer interactions and the data throughout that customer lifecycle. 

It involves a lot of dots to be connected and can be quite confusing.  CRM is a bunch of different things –it is a system, a technology, a strategy, and a best practice, amongst other things.  The challenge is in organizing disparate data, and aggregating it into a clear and connected stream of relevant information. Which can accurately paint the picture of what constituents/consumers have done and would like to do - thus enabling business growth and customer retention.  Business often get caught up looking for new customers, the acquisition side of marketing, and forget to pay attention the their existing customers.

Existing customers often log into our websites,and if the signed in user tracking is not properly implemented; treasure trove of consumer data is lost, because we know who they are can see what they are doing.  Knowing who some is and what they are doing is huge, and this is the information or data that CRM offers.  

CRM data encompasses {e-mails, social media data, website traffic and back end consumer data}.

It can be quite a challenge, both logistically and analytically with unclean or bad data being the biggest hurdle.  It just comes down to understanding the technology, the best practices, and how to clean dirty data. 

We will connect the dots for you and measure the entire existing customer experience.