Social Media Mining & Monitoring

blackballot twitter data miningOur media mining and monitoring service will help you to extract information relevant to your organization from various social media sites, and search engines to provide you with a 360° perspective on the Internet.  It is this bird’s eye view that can enable us to truly measure your relevance or impact on the Internet. 

Mining this data for relevant #hashtags, can measure the reach of a particular campaign on the internet. How often was it tweeted, who twitted it? These are just some of the questions that can be answered and Twitter is but one social media platform to measure public opinion.  They all offer APIs and make their data available. 

Twitter has become a dominant communication platform.  Presidential candidates, entertainers, athletes interface with the general populace via twitter, thus presenting a treasure trove of public opinion. 

social media mining

Search Engines are also a treasure trove of consumer data, and Google has several products that enable organizations to correlate their data with relevant search data. We will work with you and your exisitng data sets to identify correlation opportunities that might exist with Google's Search data.  

Mining social media requires a high level of technical skill.  We basically write scripts to programmatically crawl the internet and framing data off of various social media sites and blogs that we can then use to get a birds eye view of a campaign, individual, or organizations influence on the Internet. 

Based on your requirements, we can provide you with the data and thus the reports to measure your impact beyond your owned property – specifically the impact in social media, and correlation with relevant search data