Digital Strategy

You’ve heard a lot about digital marketing in the brave new online world of websites, social media, smart and interconnected objects (Internet of Things-IoT), and artificial intelligence . . . but in the end, fundamental business principles still apply for marketing in the digital world:

    1. provide measurable value (return on investment) to customers and partners, and
    2. develop long-lasting relationships based on proven performance.

Your website is a powerful business asset. It’s a dynamic, virtual tool for:

·         informing visitors

·         attracting prospects

·         generating leads

·         converting leads into customers

·         engaging your customers and transforming them into fans

·         and providing customer support

It’s on-duty, 24/7/365.

To maximize the effectiveness of your website you need to align your online presence and activities with your business goals and strategies. If your website’s primary functions are for marketing and promotion, then everything you do online should be guided by your organization’s marketing strategy.

Clarity and alignment there leads to intentional and effective tactical decisions that are appropriate and oriented to your competitive environment, your particular market segment, and your most relevant customer personas.

The next step on this ride is high-conversion website traffic, and profits for your business!

BlackBallot’s consultants have years of management experience in the business technology, college sports, higher education, and non-profit sectors. With this range of experience, we get your challenges, we know how to work with your team, and how to implement solutions that improve your business’ bottom line, whether that’s profits, social justice, ecological sustainability, or all three.