Content Audit Services

  • Does it feel like your website is a complicated, messy, resource-sucking monster that you can’t turn off?
  • Are you able to measure if your organization’s website is helping to achieve your business objectives?
  • Do you know if it’s even providing value to your customers and prospects?

If you’re not comfortable with your answers to these questions, we should talk!

Imagine knowing that your website was being managed by someone who understands that your online asset has only two primary purposes:

  1. To achieve your business objectives 
  2. To provide value to your prospects and customers

Our Strategic Site Audit content audit is a powerful tool for getting a handle on what’s on your website, and whether whatever is on there is contributing to your business objectives. The Audit is all about assessing your site’s content performance - How your content:

drives traffic to your site, and

helps you achieve your marketing (or other business) goals.

What We Look For

How do we assess this? We use proven tools and best practices that focus on Usability and Content. Our tools are a 35-Point Usability Checklist to evaluate a visitor’s experience on your website: factors such as accessibility, page load time, intuitive design, ease of navigation, and credibility.  We also use an online best practices framework for —The 5 C’s Content Guide (by ContentClear)—to guide our assessments of your site’s effectiveness.  An effective site should be:

Customer-Focused – Are you using keywords and content that’s geared to the way your ideal prospects and customers are thinking?

Competitive – Do you clearly express your unique value proposition to differentiate from your competitors? And do you use relevant keywords (SEO) in your site’s copy and meta-data to attract your ideal visitors?

Clear – Is your site user-friendly, providing clear and immediate answers to visitors’ questions about Who you are, What you offer, and Why it’s important to them?

Conversion-Optimized – Does your copy and design drive through clear promises, persuasive benefits and proof, and effective calls to action?

Consistent – Across all pages of your site: Are you using a consistent voice and appropriate tone for your brand? Do your visitors have a smooth, logical, and engaging navigation experience?

We work with you to do a comprehensive Qualitative Audit that assesses your content and design performance in attracting, engaging, converting, and keeping your site’s visitors.