How We Work With You

Regardless of whether you choose one of our digital and data services, or the full suite, our approach is always collaborative.

You’re the expert on your business; we’re here to ask the questions that will enable us to guide you in establishing an online strategy and presence that drives results for your business.

We’ll listen. Then, we’ll help you align your business goals to your online marketing, sales, or customer service strategies.

 Four Phase Process For Online Success

      1. Review (Discovery using Surveys, Interviews, and Assessment tools) We incorporate key business principles (analysis, ROI) and skills (listening and communication) to understand your business’ mission, goals, and challenges.  
      2. Analyze (Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments, Collaboration, Reporting) We assess your site’s effectiveness at achieving your objectives based on proven best practices in website analytics, web design, and persuasive content creation.We make recommendations based on the goals and strategies you share with us. Using proven content and design standards, and data from web analytics reports, we set up the KPI’s that will guide your choices in content, design, tools, and tactics.
      3. Update (Website Design, Creation of Content: Copy, Images, Graphics, Copy Editing) Based on the data we report and our insights we shared with you, we will design or update easily navigable website, and create or edit informative and persuasive copy.  The Goal: Drive relevant traffic to your site, and guide them to convert, whether that’s purchasing a product, signing up for an e-newsletter, or making a donation.
      4. Promote (Create Digital Campaign) Based on your goals and strategy, our team recommends the best social media channels, online tools, tactics, and messaging to help you achieve your prospecting, marketing, sales, customer service, and branding objectives.We can set-up and manage campaigns using Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.